Hello! I am on vacation in sunny Los Angeles right now. I thought about taking the week off the recaps but then I remembered that Louis C.K. was coming back to P&R, so I decided that Universal Studios could wait. Besides, what the fuck kind of vacation would it be without watching network television? I wouldn't know because I've never had a vacation like that.

Also, I lied - Universal Studios can't really wait. I'm just gonna roll out some key points.

1. Louis C.K. is totally adorable as Dave, and I thought he was a great boyfriend to Leslie, but Ben really is better. Dave is kind of dumb. "Contraring"?

2. I liked Tom's nicknames for Ann: Boo Boo Bear. Winne the Boo. Annie Get Your Boo. And my favorite: Annberry Sauce.

Boo BooBooBoo Boo BooBoo. Boo.
  • Boo BooBooBoo Boo BooBoo. Boo.


3. Ben when he's afraid of the cops is my 2nd favorite kind of Ben, just after Human Disaster Ben.

4. Andy on managing the gang at the studio: "Nah, play it unperfectly." "You mean imperfectly?" "I MEAN PERFECTLY."

5. I liked Dave trying to get Leslie away from Ben at dinner: "You look like I could use some company."

6. Tom was a little too annoying to Ann and I thought she was gonna just ditch that whole thing because, come on girl, that is lame. But then he gets all wet in the rain and she's like, oh, he's not a total idiot anymore? In one measly episode?? Weak. They could have drawn that out for longer, and I think Tom pining for Ann for longer would have been funnier.

7. Leslie at the end of the night had my very favorite line of the episode:

I endorse her endorsement.
  • I endorse her endorsement.

8. Dave hinted that he's gunning for the Chief of Police job. I'd love to see more of him! But also, I'd hate for the focus to be pushed back onto the Ben/Leslie relationship again. Remember who that was all they ever did in the fall and we got sick of it, but now the show is completely awesome again? DON'T FUCK THIS UP, GUYS.

9. Oh, and April helping Ron hide his Duke Silver alter-ego was so sweet. I love how much April and Ron watch out for each other. And great excuse for her to crash cymbals in Jerry's face.

I didn't watch any other shows from last night. Were they good? Do you want Louis C.K. to stick around Pawnee? Is Tom/Ann's relationship going to be super cute or extremely annoying? Y'all get chattin'. If anybody needs me, I'll be either on the Jurassic Park ride, or in line for it, for the next 10 hours.