A new police strategy for messing with/discrediting Occupy encampments—this one in Tampa last month:

About a dozen Occupy Tampa demonstrators were having a meeting around the campfire last night when four patrol cars pulled up across the street. A smiling police officer opened one back door, and out stepped a disgruntled 40ish-year-old woman in a mini-skirt. She grabbed two bags out of the car and strolled into the middle of the encampment.

An Occupier approached her, first saying hello and then asking if she was wearing a wire. The woman shouted that, no, she was “NOT an effing cop,” and could not understand why someone would think that she worked for the TPD, even though she had just exited a squad car. A few Occupiers tried to engage her in conversation, asking where she had come from, and why the police had dropped her off. The woman said the cops had picked her up for creating a public disturbance in a store, and told her that she might have ‘a lot in common’ with the protestors. She then lifted her skirt, in plain view of the patrol cars, and mooned the encampment.

The rest is here.