Every time Mitt Romney opens his mouth, someone gets pissed off. This isn't a rare thing—most politicians piss someone off every time they talk. But Romney forgets that before he captures the Republican nomination, he's only supposed to piss off Democrats. Here's what he's up to today:

Mitt Romney said Tuesday that cutting spending slows growth in the economy — a rhetorical slip more akin to an argument a Democrat might make than a Republican..."If you just cut, if all you're thinking about doing is cutting spending, as you cut spending you'll slow down the economy," he said in part of his response. "So you have to, at the same time, create pro-growth tax policies."

That sort of comment was sure to raise the eyebrows of fiscal conservatives in the GOP, who have long preached a message of fiscal restraint as a path to economic growth.

"It's hogwash. It confirms yet again that Romney is not a limited government conservative," said Andy Roth, the vice president for government affairs at the fiscally conservative Club for Growth.

This is a fantastic statement because it runs exactly counter to the teabagger argument that balancing the budget solely through budget cuts will somehow spur growth. You can bet that Romney will be asked (or harangued) about this during tomorrow night's debate.