Kinda how the game ended: GNR chasing the High Rollers.

They can sure jam a lot of rowdy roller derby fans into the Hangar at Oaks Park, as evidenced by the Guns N Rollers vs. High Rollers bout on Saturday. (Should I have made a jam-packed pun there? Missed punportunity, I suppose.) It was a bang-up battle between the top-ranked Rose City Rollers home teams, who had both upset the league favorites at last month's season 7 opener. Seriously, what a fight it was. GNR grabbed the butt-rock reins early in the first half, with jammer Supa Sixpack nabbing points like a supa star. HR's Minstrel Psycho answered with some points of her own to make the High Rollers the tally leaders. Then another switchback to GNR, then right back to HR by the halftime whistle for a score of HR 60, GNR 44. Dizzy much? It just got tougher for the rocket queens of GNR, what with HR's Heidi-Go-Seek blocking with laser-beam precision and jammer Sully Skullkicker racking up a monster 57 points in the bout. Yowza. Even with GNR's crazy-talented Scald Eagle strapping on her jam face in the end minutes, it wasn't enough for GNR to beat the High Rollers. FINAL: High Rollers 108, Guns N Rollers 84.

Hit the jump for more of Masonite Burn's awesome photos, and a brief recap of the junior roller derby match-up.

The High Rollers Layla Smackdown doing some high rollin.

The Little Red Riveters Little Bo Weep tries to shake off the Death Scar Derby Dolls Sumthang Sassy.

See that picture up there of the Rosebuds' Little Bo Weep (of the red-and-blue Little Red Riveters) and Sumthang Sassy (of the Star Wars-lovin' Death Scar Derby Dolls)? That's the future of roller derby. These two quick and wily jammers faced off four times during Friday's home team bout, and they both earned top-scoring ranks—Weep with 54 points in the bout, Sassy with 38. It looked as if the Little Red Riveters had the game in the bag during the first half, out in front by 43 points at one point. But the imperial troops of the Death Scar channeled the Force in the second half with a 15 point jam by Death Scar's Bruteus Maximus that earned them the lead, then just kept growing points from there. FINAL: Death Scar Derby Dolls 124, Little Red Riveters 109.

Death Scar Derby Dolls Scream Cheese reaches for the Death Star.