See, YOUR problem is that you're too goddamn selfish to realize that during the daytime, SOME people are trying to sleep!! (Like two-thirds of Mercury employees, for example.)

And, neighbors? i am not allowed to make any noise, after 10 pm, or you will call the police. But, when i am asleep during the day, because i work the night shift, you can go to town with your power tools? Your children can SCREAM, you can blare horrible pop music & vacuum your car every other day right under my window. All of this, KNOWING that i work nights & i am trying to sleep.

Ever heard of ear plugs, dingaling? Sometimes I wish I had EYE plugs for the dumbshit complaints we get in the I, Anonymous Blog. BUT YOU CAN DO BETTER, CAN'T YOU? Drop off your well-reasoned complaint or confession, and you could win a billion dollars!*

*You could, but you won't.