The F/W 2012 collections are, in case your Pinterest account has not already alerted you, in the process of making their debut on the circuit of fashion shows in New York, London, Milan, Paris, and beyond. And if you're not actually breathing the rarefied air at the runway shows yourself, the only place to be is at the computer, watching the photos as they come in. Overall the big New York shows, in my opinion, are just a warm-up (as opposed to the indie shows, which offer a pretty good idea of what you'll be seeing in your favorite local boutiques)—it's a little conservative, there's a bit too much black, and it tends toward an anachronistically stubborn fixation on fur. But now that the shows have moved on to London, things feel less like a department store and more like a walking museum. Of the four major Weeks, London's is the most experimental, and the link between fashion and contemporary fine art takes center stage. Just one example: The remarkable print designs from Mary Katrantzou that hit the 'nets today. Click over to MOD to see more of the most remarkable looks from this stunning show.