• photo via FOX 12
Drummer Deen Castronovo of Keizer, Oregon—who's the current drummer for Journey, and has also played with Ozzy Osborne, Steve Vai, Social Distortion, Paul Rodgers, and many others—was sentenced following a charge for assault in January, Fox 12 reports:
The drummer for Journey has been sentenced to 80 hours of community service and anger-management classes in connection with an assault last month.

Deen Castronovo was arrested in Salem on Jan. 20 and charged with several crimes, including fourth-degree assault, resisting arrest, interfering with a police report and coercion.

The Statesman Journal reports that the assault involved a woman, who told police that Castronovo had accused her of cheating.


While it may be in questionable taste to shift gears like this, it seems like an opportunity to post, yet again, the video for Journey's "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)," which is the GREATEST VIDEO EVER and is guaranteed to cheer you up. Guaranteed. (Note: Castronovo is not in this video, which was shot well before he joined Journey.)