This guy.
Fresh from federal prison, long-time Portland environmental activist is running for mayor!

On Wednesday, Tre filed the initial paperwork to announce his candidacy. To actually be on the ballot, he needs to collect 100 signatures.

Arrow has an impressive resume. Running for mayor is actually a step down from his last campaign, for Congress as the state's official Green Party candidate in 2000. That same year, he lived on a nine-inch ledge of Portland's US Forest Service building for 11 days, to protest a logging plan. In 2002, the Joint Terrorism Task Force began investigating his role in the torching of two logging trucks near Eagle Creek, Oregon, with a fuse made from incense. When a grand jury indicted him for the crime, Arrow fled to Canada, but was extradited and tried for arson (not "eco-terrorism") in 2008.

Arrow was released from prison in 2009 and lived for a while in a halfway house. Now, it seems, he's back in action!