You might wanna jump on buying your tickets if you wanna check out the hits and bumps and crashes of the Rose City Rollers home-team roller war between last season's champ, the Break Neck Betties, taking on those cold, cold vixens, the Heartless Heathers. I say make tracks because last Saturday's game at the Hangar was insanely crowded and most radically sold out. The rockabetties are welcoming back all-star skater Cadillac (who you might remember from the Rose City Rollers documentary Brutal Beauty), who's donning the red for the first time this season. While the Heartless Heathers must be pretty stoked to have veteran skater Goodie Two Skates on their icebox roster after moving back to town from Seattle. It's going to be a close game, full of rivalry, and some of my favorite skaters in the league.

Break Neck Betties vs. Heartless Heathers
Saturday, February 25
The Hangar, 7805 SE Oaks Park
6 pm, $14-20, tickets