'80s movie slow clap for Slate Salon author David Daley who OH, SO CORRECTLY calls bullshit on the media's love of comparing anything slightly offbeat to IFC's only show Portlandia. While the New York Times is the worst offender, Daley culls clips from a variety of sources including GQ, New Yorker, Gawker, the Oregonian, L.A. Weekly, Los Angeles Times, USA Today... OMIGOD, THE LIST SIMPLY WILL NOT STOP! Here's what Daley has to say about it:

...whether writing about arrests for public sex, coffee shops across America, or combination bike fair/film festivals — “Portlandia” has become a lazy shorthand for oddball, quirky cool. And no, don’t say that should be a “Portlandia” sketch.

And here are but a few of his examples:

Calyer, a restaurant in New York (New York Times)
One red (wine) is described as ”textured and bright with hints of volcano.” Those who like this sort of thing will find Calyer endearing. Those who don’t will be sure they’ve stumbled onto the set of ”Portlandia: East.” (Jan. 25, 2012)

Two from the Oregonian:
A bicycle-based talk show
Although it seems like something from a “Portlandia” sketch, “The Pedal Powered Talk Show” is the real deal.
Puppet shows
It sounds like a “Portlandia” sketch, but the “Quick ‘N’ Dirty” Puppet Slam is for real.

Los Angeles hipsters excited about Vanilla Ice, from Curbed LA:
“I personally liked it because we’ve been doing ukulele covers of Vanilla Ice on tour for years and years. It’s great, like, seeing the master,” says a local and possible “Portlandia” extra.

AND THERE'S LIKE 20 MORE. New rule, writers! You can only compare Portlandia to other failed shows on IFC, or perhaps maybe the particularly irksome feeling of your sock creeping down into your shoe.