Ladies love cool Rick! An ABC/Washington Post poll finds that even after saying all kinds of ridiculous things about the evils of abortion and birth control and prenatal screenings, Rick Santorum is even more popular with Republican women. His sycophants say it's the economy, stupid. And, right. It's stupid.

Yes, because requiring forcible penetration as part of an anti-abortion bill is a "detail," and because "details matter," and because "details also get you mocked on television," Virginia's governor has had to backtrack on his plan to legislate his creepy values.

Right across from the Confederacy, Maryland's state senate has sent a bill legalizing gay marriage to the state's eager-to-sign governor. Next up? A referendum, maybe as soon as this fall, pushed by all of Maryland's bigots.

Surprisingly, the president's somber apology
over the incineration of several Korans by the American military has failed to dim the fury of Afghan protests.

Bill Maher is giving the president's Super PAC a million bucks!

Syria's opposition is united in its hatred of massacre-crazy dictator Bashir Al-Assad, but beyond that... yeah... they ain't got much else in common. That's making it harder for the "Friends of Syria," a Bashir-bashing group of foreign-aid organizations and Arab and Western countries, to figure out whom to be friends with.

Deep down, Sarah Palin is just like every other schoolyard bully: thin-skinned and aggrieved. And now we have the emails to prove it.

Riot cops bust up
a Nike shoe release outside a Florida mall. This is what consumerism looks like. But there were no arrests. That's only when you're exercising freedom of speech.

"If an American Century ever did exist, it's now ended. History is moving on—although thus far most Americans appear loath to concede that fact."