This is how happy I am. Maniacally, evilly overjoyed.
  • This is how happy I am. Maniacally, evilly overjoyed.

Woh, settle down there, Ferguson. It's just that today has been nothing but awesome what with Welcome to Twin Peaks pointing out that today is the day that Special Agent Dale Cooper showed his lovely face to the 51,200 freakazoids (I'm subtracting Laura Palmer from that census count) of Twin Peaks to solve the murder of Laura Palmer. Best Week Ever then proclaimed it Twin Peaks Day, an idea I could sink every single penny I have into. So what could be better than Mayor Sam Adams declaring today Twin Peaks Day in Portland? Hollywood Theatre's programmer Dan Halsted sending out this email:

Starting on Wednesday, March 7, at 9:30 pm, the Hollywood Theatre will be screening David Lynch's infamous surreal TV series TWIN PEAKS! On March 7, we'll be screening the original pilot. On each following Wednesday at 9:30 pm, come see two episodes a night until we find out "Who Killed Laura Palmer?" We'll have coffee and pie for the pilot. Admission is $4 a night.

That gum I like is coming back in style! Now I'm off to read the Twin Peaks Archive for a couple hours and bide my time 'til I get back to my viewing couch.