The crew that makes up TxE have been, collectively and individually, almost too busy to stay on top of lately, and today they added one more thing onto that leaning, teetering stack of activity that's threatening to dominate local hiphop. It's the brand-new video for "The First One," shot on location at Franklin High with a palpable hometown flair. "The First One" is the opening track from TxE's just-released debut album We Get It in True, which Fresh Selects is currently offering for free download. Can't beat that.

Not that TxE aren't going to try: First off, emcee Tope (the T in this particular equation) has his own record coming out next month on Amigo Amiga Records. Until the Next Time We Meet is Tope's second solo album, and he'll be doing a release show for it on Friday, March 16, at Backspace.

Meanwhile, Calvin Valentine—AKA G_Force, AKA the production maestro behind Tope and Epp's raps—also has his own solo record out, Red Eye Flights, which is also available for free download. To grab that, head on over to Potholes in My Blog, where you can also check out the video for Calvin Valentine's "On My Way."

Not to be overshadowed, Epp has a number of projects in the works for later this year. But let's not get greedy. With two free records and a third album on the way, there's plenty here to keep you occupied. I probably forgot to mention like 50 other things they've been working on anyway.

via Fresh Selects