When's the last time you were allowed, nay, encouraged to throw things at other people? Dodgeball in 4th grade or so, no? It was fun, right?

Welcome back.

I dragged my housemate to a drop-in game of dodgeball hosted by Recesstime at the Blazers Boys and Girls Club (5250 NE MLK Blvd). We walked in to the gym to find a few early birds strapping on knee pads and warming up (chucking red balls against the walls) and got the basic rules. Half an hour later there were fifteen to twenty players pummeling each other in the most sportsmanlike manner possible. An hour later there were twice as many players and a boombox had appeared. Two and a half hours later everyone who lasted that long was staggering around the courts, drunk on playground endorphins and looking forward to post-game beers. Needless to say, it was a great time.

I would STRONGLY HIGHLY VERY MUCH recommend going out to one of these evenings. Four dollars will buy you three hours of fun and exercise starting at 5:30 p.m. Stretching before and after is advised (by me—I was sore for three days afterwards) and kneepads are optional, but you definitely want to wear sweats or something just in case you're tempted to dive. There is zero pretension, and you will be impressed by the tricks some of the practiced players bring to these friendly matches. No official referees are present, as the matches are very informal, but people are quick to help out in explaining rules you didn't know.

And no, it's not much like the movie. These people are beyond friendly and I haven't seen anyone throw a wrench.