Okay, this is the last Blogtown post about Hecklevision: Commando, I promise. But it's happening tomorrow night, and if you still haven't bought your tickets, you probably should... because the critics can't stop gushing about it!

In Commando, the fetching surprise is the glancing humor between the quixotic and larky Rae Dawn Chong and the straight-faced killing machine of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Chong lights up the film like a firefly, Schwarzenegger delivers a certain light touch of his own, the result is palatable action comics. —Variety

Lots of machine-gunfire, explosions and disposable khaki-clad extras, as you'd expect. Occasional suggestions that the tongue might be slightly in cheek include the risible bonding-with-small-daughter fishing trip under the opening credits and pronounced homo-erotic badinage with his final-reel adversary. 'Think of sticking your knife into my flesh—and twisting it,' Arnie hisses at Vernon Wells, the leather-clad, handlebar-moustached heavy, who might just have come from a Village People lookalike contest. —Time Out London

Matrix's demolition of the army barracks on the island is spectacular, but he has obviously not had time to plant all those explosives. In his assault on the dictator's house, his decapitation of flowers as he mows down scores of soldiers is a nice touch, but some of the dying soldiers are simply funny. The whole scene looks choreographed, suspiciously balletic. But not always well timed. Three men leap into the air stunned even before they are shot, and why a man who has just taken three slugs in his chest should scream at the prospect of falling off a roof is not imaginable. Finally, all the killing, and it seems endless, is too graphic for this kind of highly stylized film; after a while it looks as unreal as it is and becomes merely disgusting. —The New York Times

He blows 'em up real good!Roger Ebert