So this guy really wants some breakfast, right? I MEAN, REALLY WANTS IT. So he walks into a downtown diner, where he's met by this...

"We stopped serving breakfast!" Me: "What? Already?" Fat Bitchy Waitress: "Uh, yeah, at 11! It's after 11! (It was 11:15). Not everyone works 9-5 with weekends off. Portlanders like to go out the night before on weekdays, we're not the burbs, and leisurely wake up to a greasy spoon eatery. Why not just make all day breakfast, everyday? Duh.

I'm not sure this person has a good understanding of how kitchen restaurants work... but hey! Maybe he's right! Chime in with your own goddamn opinions, and spend this weekend cooking up a great I, Anonymous post of your own!