AgesandAges (pictured above) play a special surprise show at Valentine's this evening—where, coincidentally, I just walked by and the alleyway is bursting with Grimm crew on this sunny afternoon—as part of longtime Valentine booker Jen Oleson's final batch of shows.

Oleson has been responsible for the cozy venue's immaculate, inventive booking for six years, ranging from electronic to folk to experimental to interdisciplinary multimedia nights and more. The range of music that's bounced within those walls is positively mind boggling. Oleson explains what she's got in the works after leaving Valentine's:

I've actually recently started a music agency, Aika Music with Charlie Campbell (who perhaps you might know from Pond, Sub Pop band of yore). He's been scoring for all kinds of films, TV spots, web content, etc. for years now and we teamed up this last fall to expand into a sound house with a wide range of musicians and composers who ad firms, design studios, and film makers can access to get really great, original music tailored for whatever content it is they're producing. Charlie is our head composer, but a lot of what I'll be doing is what I've always done, curating and matching great musicians and composers with projects I think they'd excel at and championing people's work who have abundant talent that isn't being heard on a larger scale...yet. It's something I truly love to do, and I'm really excited to see how it grows.

I'm passing my torch to not one, but three awesome, innovative women: Emily Bernstein, Shelley Bowers, and Megan Holmes. I really can't wait to see what they bring to the fold. I know they're going to keep the flame bright.

Best of luck to Jen with all her future endeavors, and here's looking forward to many great shows in the future from Bernstein, Bowers, and Holmes. Meanwhile—AgesandAges tonight; Tom Bevitori and Alina Hardin open. The calendar for Oleson's final week at Valentine's is after the jump.

Mon 2/27: AgesandAges, Tom Bevitori, Alina Hardin
Tues 2/28: Neal Morgan, Pool of Winds, Onuinu
Wed 2/29: The Woolen Men, Pictorials, Rootbeer & French Fry
Fri 3/2: Disc Jockey/Commedienne (Zac Pennington)
Sun 3/4: Eternal Tapestry, Psychic Feline, Sad Horse
Mon 3/5: The Early (record release), Team Evil, Like a Villain
Tues 3/6: Jen's final show! Litanic Mask, ASSS, Regular Music (E*Rock, Charlie Salas Humara, Marius Libman)