Banana Stand Media is releasing a full-length live album from Portland heavy rock band Sons of Huns tomorrow. Recorded on October 21, 2011, Live from the Banana Stand is 11 tracks of power-trio glory presented in an intimate live setting. It sounds terrific, and here's an exclusive preview track:


Sons of Huns - "Super Kanpai Rainbow" [DOWNLOAD TRACK HERE]

Check out Banana Stand for another preview track, "Scourge of God." The album becomes available tomorrow on a pay-what-you-want basis, and Banana Stand have many other upcoming live releases on the way in the coming weeks (by the likes of Youth, Tango Alpha Tango, No Kind of Rider, Destroy Nate Allen, Forest Park, The Angry Orts, Log Across The Washer, DoublePlusGood, and more).

Meanwhile, Sons of Huns are also prepping their first video: "Leaving Your Body," directed by Matt Ross of Neighborhood Films—who, coincidentally, just premiered Typhoon's concert film, Live at Mississippi Studios, last night at the Clinton Street Theater. The video doesn't come out until the end of March, but here's a sneak peak for you. It stars fire and riffs and Peter Hughes' mustache, and it looks wicked and cool as fuck. "Leaving Your Body" is one side of an upcoming 7-inch.

One more thing: Sons of Huns headline the Doug Fir (830 E Burnside) this Thursday, March 1; it's five bucks and you should go. They're also playing Tube on Monday, March 5.