Politics, BLARGH. Today are the GOP primaries in Michigan and Arizona. Which intolerable candidate will prevail?!

Science! Study shows that very rich people are more likely to cheat and lie.

Occupy London Evicted: After months of living on a cathedral's steps, the protesters are finally rounded up by police.

Journalists Escape from Syria: International reporters are trying to escape from Syria with their lives as violence escalates.

Secret Surveillance of Muslims: It turns out the NYPD had undercover cops in mosques around the region.

Ohio School Shooting Victim Declared Brain Dead: Another student is declared a fatality after Ohio high school opened fire. Everybody hug your parents.

Speaking of Which: Oregon's higher board of education will vote on a statewide university ban on guns.

Romney <3s Kid Rock. Seriously. This is a match made in Heaven.

Yet Somehow Romney's Not Popular? The candidate's popularity is at an all-time low.

Overrated: The MPAA slaps an R rating on a documentary about high school bullying. Maybe it's time to pull big movies out of the bullshit rating system.

Google Ghost Town: It look like Google + is the kid no on wants to be friends with.

Ooo... Peel off solar panels...

And Ooo... What about "Netflix for baby clothes"?

Uma Thurman is Preggers. At 41. Just in case you care about Uma's womb.

Nice! What the world needs is patriotic children's e-books.