The above illustration by Raymond Perry is from an article in the March 9, 1913 Sunday Magazine section of the Salt Lake Tribune (again) about multistory, Diesel-powered, mosquitoform vehicles—"Mechasquitoes", if you will—proposed by Dr. Gustav Luchy for mining resources in hostile climates, patrolling desert and tropical colonies, and as engines of war. (Via.)

This is the greatest thing I have ever seen. And that INCLUDES Kenneth Branagh's giant metal spider machine in Wild Wild West.

Hey that reminds me, one of my boss' 653 bewildering "Blogtown rules"—it's a whole Excel document, I don't even know—is that you can't write the words "wild," "wild," or "west" without embedding the below video. So I will do that now I guess so that I don't get fired.

I prefer "Miami" myself but what are you going to do. Anyway, the mechasquito stuff is from Zapatopi, via io9.

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