Sneaking by with a narrow 51-48 vote, the US Senate rejected a Republican-supported amendment to President Obama's healthcare reform law that would leave insurance coverage of birth control in the hands of employers based on their morals. Whew.

Sponsored by Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, the "Respect for Rights of Conscience Act" contained broad lingo that would have led to denial of prenatal care, mammograms and other medical staples based solely on the employer's beliefs.

"It would allow any employer or insurer to deny coverage for virtually any treatment for virtually any reason," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told Reuters.

This rejection by the Senate comes as a breath of fresh air in a political sphere currently clouded with old men trying to control women's reproductive rights. Under Obama's current law, it's a requirement for most employers to provide coverage for women's contraceptives.

Vaginas over "morals." Well played, Senate.