Bob Saget's done so much family TV, now he's got Tourette's, so he says. I'm really not sure how Saget's stand-up is going to go over at Helium this weekend (I'm going on Saturday), but he's been doing his act for 30 years, so the man's a pro. He has a lot of bits about the wholesomeness of Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos, peppered with one million F-bombs and some awesomely crude Kimmy Gibbler jokes. But I do know that Saget absolutely stole the show in The Aristocrats and Half Baked. I love that Helium has disclaimers everywhere that Saget's show is for mature audiences (but nary a one for Amy Schumer's show last month)—I wonder how many Full House diehards have walked during his stand-up?

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