SO MUCH SNOW EVERYWHERE: Or so Portland thinks. A light dusting of overnight snow leads to across the board closures. Grab your sleds and abandon hope, fellow snowpocalapse enthusiasts!

RIP Breitbart: Conservative internet entrepreneur and publisher Andrew Breitbart died this morning at age 43. Founder of and aide in creating the Huffington Post, Breitbart's death ("natural causes") was unexpected.

Google Ogles: It's March! Therefore, it's the first day of Google's new privacy policy. While many users see it as just another step in corporation creepiness, a la Facebook, some deem it outright illegal. And by some, I mean the European Union. Turns out the new policy is not in compliance with EU's transparency laws, triggering an Europe-wide investigation.

Santorum Slows His Roll: Rick Santorum has announced he's changing gears in order to gain more public approval and respect (like he doesn't already have enough, am I right?). Keeping a tight grip on all die-hard Christian rhetoric, the Republican nominee decided to back off on controversial social issues, specifically relating to woman's rights.

Speaking of Dicks: Planned Parenthood has made the final connection: social media and your sex life. Thanks to smartphone compatible barcodes on condom, you can now "check in" where you're getting it on. Well, if you're in Washington. Part of National Condom Week, Planned Parenthood distributed 55,000 condoms across western Washington campuses to promote safe sex. There's a map!

Putin on the Ritz: Vladimir Putin and the United Russian Party create absurdly hip ads targeted toward the youth vote. Also, they are awkwardly sexual.

They're Baaack: Just when you thought the Lord Howe stick inset was extinct, it turns up on a forgotten island in the middle of the Pacific! SO HUGE.

He's One of Us Now: Utah Senator Orin Hatch says President Obama could be that guy sitting next to you at Stumptown who doesn't really need glasses. Well, more or less.