Here's the second new track from the Shins' upcoming album Port of Morrow, and like "Simple Song" before it, this one shows that frontman (and lone constant Shin) James Mercer clearly has found a way to breathe new life into the project. "Bait and Switch" is a catchy, energetic song with an adventurous melody and a sparkling, infectious sound. The video, above, is a relatively straightforward performance-mime from the current lineup of the band (including drummer Joe Plummer and keyboardist Richard Swift). Port of Morrow comes out March 20. I am officially excited.

The Shins have recently made some other clips that are well worth watching too, in which they show off some decent acting chops. There's the notable, very well done video for "Simple Song," which tells the story of a Tenenbaum-esque family ransacking the old family house following the death of the family patriarch (played by Mercer). And there's also a video they made for Funny or Die entitled "Clapping Butter," which is definitely worth checking out—especially for the jingle at the end. I'll post these after the jump.

"Simple Song":

"Clapping Butter":