Orca Team (Via)
  • Orca Team (Via)

BackspaceThe Shivas, Pleassure, Orca Team, 8 pm, $7, all ages
Alleyway Cafe & Bar—Ceremony of Sludge: Heavy Voodoo, Axxicorn, Avi Dei, Zmoke, 8 pm, $4
Al's Den—Archeology, Mike Midlo, 7 pm, free; DJ E3, 10:30 pm, free
Branx—The Modern Art Tour: Miniature Tigers, Geographer, The Chain Gang of 1974, Pretty & Nice, 9 pm, $10-12, all ages
Club 21—The Lordy Lords, Cecilia und die Sauerkrauts, DJ Danny Dodge, Don't, free
East End—Electric Jellyfish, No Threat, Grandparents, Jollapin Jasper, 9 pm, $7
Kenton Club—Booberamapaloozafest: Muscle Beach, Aranya, SistaFist, The Hand That Bleeds, 9 pm, free
Little Axe Records—Jon Porras, KWJAZ, Plankton Wat, Sagas, 7 pm, $5
Lola's Room—'80s Video Dance Attack: VJ Kittyrox, 9 pm, $5
Mississippi Studios—Reptar, Quiet Hooves, Adventure Galley, 9 pm, $12
Reed College Student Union—Lucky Dragons, White Rainbow, Rob Walmart, Breakfast Mountain, Naomi Punk, 9:30 pm, $5
The Secret Society—Swing Papillon, 6 pm, all ages; WC Beck, Huck Notari, Garrett Brennan, 9 pm, $10
The Spare Room—In the Cooky Jar: DJ Cooky Parker, 9 pm, $5
The Waypost—Ed & The Red Reds, 8 pm, free