This afternoon, a small group of protesters showed up outside the Old Town office of Home Forward, (formerly known as the Housing Authority of Portland), to protest an elderly couple's eviction from a housing complex on North Vancouver Avenue.

The 11 or so protesters came from the Portland Solidarity Network, an activist group that focuses on housing issues. They said Home Forward unfairly booted Gary and Julie Frost from their apartment in the 74-unit Humboldt Gardens complex and accused Home Forward of punishing the Frosts for raising hell over wheelchair accommodations that were at first not delivered and then delayed.

The Portland Solidarity Network's Gerald Lunn said his group got involved in the Frost's plight two weeks ago in January, and later presented a formal protest letter to Home Forward. He said other residents of the complex have complained about similar treatment and that "a lot of people have a lot of fear about making requests."

A message to Home Forward late this afternoon wasn't immediately returned; we'll update if we hear from them. Update: Home Forward spokeswoman Shelley Marchesi told the Mercury she was unable to comment on the Frosts' eviction saying, "We don't talk about residents' situations because of privacy laws."

Beyond contacting the Portland Solidarity Network, the Frosts have also reportedly filed a complaint with the state Bureau of Labor and Industries, which handles housing discrimination complaints.

The eviction date itself, according to Lunn, is set for end of April. Lunn says he and the other members of the Portland Solidarity Network hope to get the Frosts into Section 8 housing vouchers by then.