This is obviously a metaphor for sodomy.
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  • This is obviously a metaphor for sodomy.

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Today sees the launch of the highly-anticipated Mass Effect 3, but before you rush out to buy a copy, take a moment to listen to the opinion of the common man.

Courtesy Metacritic user "EndOfLine:"

This is the end of the like for mass effect, and bioware in general a game that actively encourages homosexual behaviour and other mental illnesses and especially how the target audience for this game is children. I personally will not be happy until all Ea and bioware employees have been crucified their buildings razed to the ground and the earth salted, this type of 'game' should not be played by anyone at all.

Likewise appalled by the game is Metacritic user "ilovegaben:"

What the he were they thinking? putting gay scenes into video games? If i wanted political messages, id watch the news. I do NOT want games becoming yet another medium for propaganda. 0/10

And so on for another 258 user reviews.

The game, which launched approximately 9 hours ago, currently sports a 2.4 user rating on Metacritic. Of course, the average rating among professional gaming critics is a pretty solid 93, but who are you going to believe? Gaming journalists who were obviously bought off with cocaine, yachts and hookers, or the hardworking proletariat whose only desire is for a space opera uncorrupted by BioWare's obvious homosexual agenda?

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