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As a games journalist, it's pretty common for new games to just appear on my doorstep. Usually these are simple packages including the game, maybe a t-shirt and a few pieces of loose-leaf glossy paper pointing out whichever features of the game the PR team wants to make sure I pay special attention to when I'm writing up my review.

However, when a publisher wants to really drive home the point that this game is something special, they put in the extra effort to create a reviewer's guide that would be the envy of many fans. Like this one for Dead Rising 2. Unfortunately, these things are generally totally unavailable to the average person. Today I received one such guide for Capcom's just-released Street Fighter X Tekken, and I thought it would be a shame for the nearly 50-page booklet to be wasted on jaded journalist-types like myself.

Thus, after getting permission from Capcom's helpful PR team, I've managed to secure a high-resolution downloadable .pdf version of the guide. That image you see at top is just a tiny glimpse of the gorgeous art and helpful information prepared specifically for the guide, so I urge any of you interested in the game to download this thing and have a look. It's not quite a strategy guide, but it provides an excellent primer on what you'll find in the game, and to be totally honest, does a really great job of hyping fans of either Street Fighter or Tekken for this unexpectedly good mashup fighter.

Enjoy: SFxT_RG_021512_v7_150dpi.pdf

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