This Thursday, the Northwest Film Center kicks off a series I'm super stoked about: Driven: The Films of Nicolas Winding Refn, which boasts every single film made by one of my favorite filmmakers. Starting with Refn's grimy, bloody Pusher trilogy (Pusher [1996], Pusher II: With Blood on My Hands [2004], and Pusher III: I'm the Angel of Death [2005]), the series continues with his 2003 flick Fear X, his breakthrough 2008 film Bronson, 2009's grim-as-fuck Viking horrorshow Valhalla Rising, and his best film to date, 2011's Drive, which you'll remember because I haven't shut up about it for roughly the past year.

None of these films are for the weak of heart; all of them are totally worth watching.

The series runs through March 18, and tickets to each screening are $9—but thanks to the fact that the Film Center knows I'm a just a little bit in love with Refn, they've given me some passes to award to a lucky Blogtown reader. I've got nine passes sitting here on my desk—meaning if you win 'em, you can go see every single one of the movies I just listed for free. Or! You can take eight friends to go see any one of those films! Or! You can go to all of them, and then take a plus one to two of them, too! (Take your mom to Pusher III! She'll love it!) Look, you're good at math. You can figure out all the permutations. Nine passes, seven movies. The choice is yours.

To try and win the passes, just email me no later than 4:30 pm PST today (Tuesday, March 6), and make sure "Valhalla" is your subject line. I'll pick a winner at around 4:30 and email them to let 'em know how to get their passes.

That's it. GO.

DEPT. OF CORRECTIONS: In the comments, reliable know-it-all "PeretDesnos" notes that the Film Center's series doesn't include Refn's 1999 film Bleeder. Thanks for the reminder, PeretDesnos; everybody else, CONSIDER YOURSELF INFORMED.