These photos are a bit late, since the Fade to Light fashion went down a full week ago, but their tardiness reflects the one mar on this event's otherwise flawless production: The lighting! Seasoned producer Elizabeth Mollo certainly meant to give the stage-left audience a primo view, but the giant spotlight following the models up and down the runway left us completely blind for 85% of the show—witness the people in the background of these photos furiously shading their eyes. Still, what could be made out under the glare was an inspiring grouping featuring some of the city's freshest design talent. There were a few showstoppers, but overall the vibe of these collections was clean, tailored, and deceptively dramatic, with few patterns and bright colors in favor of subtly cut, versatile and sophisticated staples. Pop over to MOD to get the full rundown.

Bryce Black for Studio SKB
  • Bryce Black for Studio SKB