Best Strip Club Cuisine In The City?


Why would you want to try any?
Eating at a strip club is fucking weird.

I'll allow that everyone should get a steak at A-crop once in their lives, just to say they did.

Beyond one meal, you should be done eating at strip clubs unless you're an employee.
I agree, food & strippers don't mix. The one time I tried the steak at the A-crop, it was all I could do to keep the dancers hair from falling onto my plate. I don't even put a drink near the stage if I can help it.
I'll put in a vote for bringing Santeria's excellent Mexican food into Mary's (with whom they share a bathroom).
i dunno fellas, every time i go to a boobie bar i get a craving for a pastrami sandwich.
I don't eat at strip clubs, but if they are as niggardly with food as they are with drinks you should probably just go to an actual restaurant.
Watch it. That word sounds like another word and...You know.
Don't say niggardly, say tit-fisted.
Sorry, tight.
Wait a sec. The hair may have a disease on it, or maybe cum, is that it? Can't imagine having an appetite thinking about that. How is watching a dancer like that a turn-on? Even if it is a turn-on, isn't it just an exercise in frustration to watch? pay good money for a hard on and blue balls? though I guess you can go jerk off in the bathroom. Seems pretty weird.
I'm tit-fisting right now!
The Acropolis wins for sheer value, but if you want any atmosphere Lucky Devil Lounge is your best bet.
Agree with 2,3 and 4. Personally I've not gone to a club in a couple years...did that enough in the 20's and it's boring now. I think you are just finding a cheap excuse to ogle women and get free food. Not that I blame you, it's got to beat Humphrey trying to catch a sneak peek while you are changing for yoga! Just kidding.....really i can't think of any good ones although "Vegan strip club" reduces me to tears based on laughter.
And it was simply remarkable how little interest my vegan friends had in that joint. Dude kinda has a reputation as a Class 5 douchesack.