Yesterday was the final day for mayoral hopefuls to file for the May primary election. As per usual, a heap of aspiring Portland politicos crept out from all corners of the city to make their intentions known. And it's not just these guys. Out of the 23 mayoral candidates, I give you a Soul Healer, Golf Retailer, Homemaker, Occupier and a handful of other professionals. I think one of them is even a House Representative. Behold:

Tre Arrow — An Occupier and general activist (known for sitting on a U.S. Forest Service building ledge for nine days in 2000) recently arrested on allegation of domestic violence.

Max Bauske — Portland Community College student and Ron Weasley double who currently rings up Fred Meyer customers.

Samuel Belisle — Consumer slave (has worked at GAP, Red Robin and Abercrombie & Fitch) and Concordia University student.

Eileen Brady —New Seasons co-founder and wholesome soccer mom.

Loren Charles Brown — Former stage actor and on-call firefighter with a spiritual drive.

Max BrummEnergetic university student with a passion for baseball and politics.

Dave Campbell — According to his filing sheet, Campbell is "unemployed." His website doesn't add much.

Robert James Carron — Artist, writer, and former clerk for the California Attorney General.

Many more after the jump!

Bill Dant Real Estate Broker, musician and West Portland Park Neighborhood VP. He also has a "Dantifesto" and a crazy video on his website.

Scott Fernandez — Member of the city's Water Quality Advisory Board and "avid animal lover."

Charlie Hales — City commissioner and self-labeled neighborhood activist.

Lew Humble — A retired Ferrari mechanic. I feel like that's all you need to know.

Shonda Colleen Kelley — A "disabled homemaker" and past Americorps tutor.

Michael Langley — Gold retailer and Nike "Demo Technician" with a political background in a Tennessee chamber of commerce.

Josh Nuttall — Mustachioed cashier at a Burnside food mart and gas station.

Blake Nieman-Davis — San Franciscan fashion designer and clothing store owner.

Christopher Rich — Currently media producer for a property management company, with a background as a millwright and boatwright.

Scott Rose — Education facility planner and architect.

Howie Rubin — Health insurance agent running on a platform of "common decency."

Jefferson Smith — Oregon Representative and creator of the Bus Project, known for rick rolling the House.

Steve Sung — Civil Engineer aiming to recreate Portland an Asian buisness hub.

Cameron Whitten — A university student and megaphone-toting leader in the Occupy Portland movement.