Q. What happens when you mix beer and music?

A: Watered down versions of both
B: Beermusic
C: The Portland Mercury and the Oregon Brewers Guild's First Annual Malt Ball!

If you answered A or B, you are wrong (and if you answered B, that is not even a word, brainiac). But if you answered C, not only are you 100 percent correct, but you might have seen our earlier announcement for the Malt Ball, which takes a dozen great Portland bands, more than a dozen of great Oregon brewers, and throws 'em in a room together for a day-long fest of beer and music. It's going to be not just the greatest time of your life, but the pinnacle of all human history*.

*This is a vaguely defined and subjective superlative at best and therefore such a statement is not legally binding

It all takes place from 2 pm to midnight on Saturday, March 24 at the Bossanova Ballroom (722 E Burnside). There's a hand-picked lineup of excellent Portland bands—we worked really hard on putting this lineup together, and I think it shows—plus all the finest brewers. Not only is each brewery offering a special beer for the event, many of them have been paired with a particular band to brew a collaborative beer specifically for that band’s music. Therefore, it will be possible to spend the full day tasting the beer specifically brewed for each band while that band is playing. The full lineup of bands and breweries appears after the jump.

The only left is to buy your tickets! Which you can do right here. Presale tickets are $20 and include a commemorative Malt Ball mug, four tasting tickets, and show entry to see all 12 bands. Wow!

The Builders & The Butchers
Lord Dying
Quiet Life
Lost Lander
Old Junior
Wow & Flutter
Stay Calm
Golden Bears
Mission Spotlight

Alameda Brewing
10 Barrel Brewing
Breakside Brewery
Burnside Brewing
Coalition Brewing
Columbia River Brewing
The Commons Brewing
Fort George Brewing
Full Sail Brewing
Gilgamesh Brewing
Hopworks Urban Brewing
Laurelwood Brewing
Lompoc Brewing
Migration Brewing
Ninkasi Brewing
Portland U-Brew & Pub