The Bialetti cookware company sent me two 12” nanoceramic nonstick frying pans. One was for me to futz around with at home, and the other was to be given away to readers. This sexy pan is a $40 value, and yours for the taking if you meet my Frugal Reader Cooking Challenge, as outlined below.

The Bialetti Aeternum Could Be Yours.

CONTEST: You can’t swing a dead cat in this town without doing so relatively near a Plaid Pantry (try it sometime). “The Plaid” is inexpensive, ubiquitous, always open, and stocked with a fairly consistent set of goods. Think up a complete sweet or savory dish using only edibles from this store, mail your idea (and perhaps photos of your experiments, if you actually test it?) to, and we’ll test out the best-sounding ones. The winner will be announced here in one week, and then told to come pick up their fancy new pan.

The pan will just be in an area; there will be no ceremony.