In Different Area Codes: Happy International Women's Day! On that note, here's the Women Suffrage take on Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance."

No Tip for You: A Broadway taxi cab ran a red light, hit a BMW and proceeded to send two pedestrians flying through the windows of a downtown storefront last night. Yikes.

Visibility: Invisible Children — the charity behind the viral Kony 2012 campaignfaces criticism for "manipulating facts" and exaggerating on the Ugandan leader's story.

Sneaky Tuesday:
Cleverly veiled by Super Tuesday madness, Utah passes a bill requiring abstinence-only sex education in public schools.

Hopping the Line: Syrian's deputy minister steps down to join the anti-government revolt, deeming President Bashar al-Assad's tactics "brutal."

Holy Smokes: Televangelist Pat Robertson want to legalize marijuana, blaming the war on drug's failure on liberals. Also, he blames the Midwest tornadoes on the lack of prayer.

Didn't See That Coming: Rush Limbaugh loses 43 advertisers in the wake of his "slut" comment. And the numbers continue to rise.

And here's a sloth in a onesie.