Some music just transcends explanation. In the case of Mirrorring, the recent collaboration between Liz Harris of Grouper and Jesy Fortino of Tiny Vipers, observe that Pitchfork describes the sound as "dark and introspective, doing much with little." GVB? "Our go-to late night/dream soundtrack." Drowned in Sound identifies the album as "beautifully fragile and darkly unsettling," and were you to browse the Soundcloud embed, you would discover enlightened comments such as "tripped-out Enya," "sinking to the bottom of the ocean," and "P'zone."

That's a lot of vibe-talk, without ever saying anything specific about what the music is actually comprised of. And there's a reason for that. Foreign Body, out March 19 on Kranky, is the kind of record ill-suited for adjectives—designed to spur emotional and nostalgic migration, trying to account for the listening experience with words simply doesn't do it justice.