Another week, another Mercury music section to crumple in frustration as you try to decide which Juggalo social networking site is best for you. JuggaloBook has the official Insane Clown Posse "whoop whoop" of approval, but JuggaloSpace is upping the ante with their "Whoop x 2" feature. Plus Hachet Space administrator "Fuk Stik" is currently accepting $.25 donations to make his site the best in the land. But for finding the juggalette of your dreams, nothing beats JuggaLove.

Anya Marina's terrific new record was originally a concept album about a stack of criminal pancakes. Thankfully she tweaked the title of Felony Flapjacks to name it after a neighborhood in her new hometown of Portland instead. Whoop whoop!

Anya Marina - "Notice Me"

They'll deny it, of course, but the Alialujah Choir met on JuggaloSpace. The bulletin read, "Musicians of other, non-ICP-affiliated bands looking to put together a mellow folk side project for our more reflective sides, ninja. [whispered] Whoop whoop. (Sssh.)"

The Alialujah Choir - "A House A Home"

And Paddy Considine joins the ranks of actors-turned-musicians like... uh... Russell Crowe... and Bruce Willis. Actually, Considine's band Riding the Low is nothing like those other bands at all. It's actually good. Whoop whoop!

Riding the Low - "Easy on Our Own"

Plus a dose of Up and Coming shows. (Sorry about all the ICP/Juggalo jokes this week, but Wm. Steven Humphrey LOVES them.)