Along with about a bazillion other bands, Radiation City is headed to Austin next week for SXSW, playing about seven sets in three days. And while they'll be showing off newest member Patti King, a vocalist/multi-instrumentalist who now makes the band a quintet, they will also undoubtedly be playing new material off their upcoming EP, Cool Nightmare. Set to ship on April 15 via Tender Loving Empire, the new release centers around an old piano the group used throughout the recording session, then ceremoniously smashed into bits and pieces right after. Fun fact: those little piano keys are now USB sticks containing the EP, one of the many ways Rad City will soon be offering up the album.

Also new is this preview of Cool Nightmare, the expectedly piano-driven and dreamy "Eye of Yours." Laced with vintage effects, the song interestingly sways about from haunting vocals to swelling horns. Never afraid of wandering in and out of moods, the song feels like a long walk along a windy stone path in the dark, all the while singing to keep the spirits away. Or something like that. Check it out below and pre-order the EP to get an instant download of Cool Nightmare from TLE. Radiation City will be back in Portland playing Rontoms on April 8 for the official release show.


Radiation City - "Eye of Yours"