This man doles out as much as as he does orgasms.
  • This man doles out as much cash as he does orgasms.

Remember Loren Parks, the Nevadan money man behind a long list of local conservative causes? You may better remember him as the 80-something online sex hypnotist. Last we heard, Parks mysteriously cut off the cash tap, leaving Republican activist Kevin Mannix high and dry. Turns out, he's not finished yet (at least in the political realm — Parks hasn't posted a new sex advice video since 2010 — for shame!).

As the Oregonian reports this afternoon, Parks has donated a hefty $15,000 to the Clackamas Rail Vote, the group petitioning to get an anti-light rail measure on the September ballot.

The measure, which will find a spot on the ballot if 9,378 of the group's collected signatures are validated, will require a vote by Clackamas County residents before the county hands off $25 million towards the $1.5 billion Portland- Milwaukie line. Will Parks' boost be the ticket to the ballot?