The latest non-corporate addition to the retail habitat on NW 23rd is harder than usual to scope on the 'nets. Without a web site or even a Facebook page, their Twitter feed is the only source of information from which to glean prior to physically heading down to the well-trafficked address of 725 NW 23rd. According to owner Pamela Frazier, who opened the shop less than two weeks ago, it "features local designers including Varnish and Sofada, handmade bags by Crystalyn Kae of Seattle, and handmade jewelry by 4 different local jewelry designers, in addition to a wide selection of imports. We also carry LA Made." Score another point, then, for the little guys and the locals (have you ever noticed that many of the lower-priced shop on 23rd will carry the exact same articles, thus drilling a throbbing dullness into your will to shop. I have an appointment to tour the store later this week, but in the meantime here's a look at some of the hints they've been dropping online, not least of which are photos of their fuzzy little shop dog, Fiona. Click over for a few merch shots, too.

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