Just like they said they would, as we noted on Friday, Oregonian editors really went through with their prudish decision not to print this week's series of abortion-themed Doonesbury strips.

But in a weird compromise that somehow doesn't involve the reasonable idea of moving the strips to the paper's editorial pages, the paper is making the strips available through a link on its website. Oh, and bonus! Editors are imploring readers to spend some time reading the strips before weighing in on the decision—via a handy web poll.

How's that poll going so far?

As of 2:17 PM Monday...
  • As of 2:17 PM Monday...

One caveat: The wording of that poll is a little tricky. People were asked if they disagreed with the decision to send readers to read the strip online, not the decision not to print it. So maybe a bunch of the 96 PERCENT OF RESPONDENTS WHO SAID IT WAS A BAD IDEA are upset because they don't think the paper should share the strip over any medium period.

But then there's the comments. For once (mostly), they're rather reasonable and on point.