GOOD FRIENDS! If you love the ladies as much as you say you love the ladies, then support their right to choose AND have a fantastic time tonight at Skate-a-Roke! This hilariously fun roller skating and karaoke event (you sing... you skate!) also benefits Planned Parenthood of Oregon—which continues the good fight to make sure Oregon's supportive laws stay that way!

This all-ages event goes down tonight from 7 pm - 10 pm at Oaks Park Skating Rink and it's only $10 including skates. (Get there early if you want to get your song in the queue—I'd also suggest going to the Baby Ketten Karaoke site and picking out your upbeat song beforehand!) And if you like, wear a costume or don your sexiest skating gear! BELIEVE ME, THIS SKATE-A-ROKE THING IS A STONE COLD GAS—and we'd love to see you there!