The Alialujah Choir not only celebrated the release of their album at Friday night's show at the Doug Fir Lounge, they premiered their new video as well. Today that video went up on OPBmusic. Directed by Daniel Fickle, "A House A Home" has a fairly involved and complicated backstory—it's loosely based on some actual individuals from Portland's past—which is laid out in full detail over at OPBmusic. But I'd recommend watching the video and letting the story reveal itself without doing any research for your first viewing. (It seems that the song's original instrumental ending is stretched out and repeated, with strings added by the Portland Cello Project.) It's a vivid, pretty, almost heavingly romantic clip, starring Calvin Morie McCarthy and Meredith Adelaide; while it may initially seem cutesy in a very Portland-of-the-moment fashion (and very charmingly so, I should add), the story's darkness reveals itself by the end of this lovely, moving video.