It wouldn't be a new week without another new song from Chromatics, and sure enough, here is the video for "Back from the Grave," the fifth advance single from the so-anticipated-it's-getting-ridiculous new album Kill for Love.

This might be my favorite song yet from the new record, boasting a simple three-note melody that transforms from schoolyard hum into something more passionate and mysterious. It's a bit livelier than some of the other Chromatics tracks we've heard as well, but it still contains that last-song-of-the-night yearning, with an infatuating blend of vintage synths and guitars, plus a pulsating bass line that drives the whole thing.

The video is yet more atmospherics from Alberto Rossini, taken from "documentary footage of Chromatics recording from February 2010" that was shot while Chromatics recorded in Rossini's chalet in Valemount, British Columbia. I love the movie-card text at the end of the video; note perfect.

Which all raises the question: When is the damned record coming out? The latest missive on Facebook from Johnny Jewel says "the 21st," which I assume means next week—but that falls on a Wednesday as opposed to Tuesday when new records are typically released. Still, fingers crossed.