Democratic Senator Nina Turner introduced a new bill to the Ohio Senate this week limiting men's access to erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra. The proposal would require an interested man to "attain an affidavit from a sexual partner attesting to his impotency, see a state-approved sex therapist, complete a stress test to assure he is healthy enough for sexual activity, and return to the doctor every 90 days to check on his cardiac health." This measure comes as a response to the national slew of anti-abortion campaigns and, specifically, Ohio's so-called "heartbeat bill," which would ban abortions in the state after a fetus' heartbeat can be heard in the mother's ultrasound.

Turner isn't the first to work the offensive on the nation's battle over reproductive rights. A handful of other Democratic female lawmakers have introduced serious (and at times, sarcastic) legislation regarding men's reproductive health over the past few months. Here's a brief timeline!


—Virgina Senator Janet Howell's amendment to a controversial state anti-abortion bill, requiring all men to get a rectal exam prior to receiving erectile dysfunction pills, nearly passes on the senate floor.


— Georgia's Representative Yasmin Neal unveils a bill only granting vasectomies to men whose life and health depends on it.


— Illinois State Representative Kelly Cassidy introduces an amendment to the state's "Ultrasound Opportunity Act", that would require men to watch a graphic video on the side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs before receiving the pill.

—Missouri State Representative Stacey Newman introduces a bill similar to Neal's: only allowing men with life-threatening needs a vasectomy.