It's Getting Old: So it snowed a bit last night. Expect a lovely day of mid-30s weather and sporadic rain. Ho boy!

Scandal Town: As Denis and the Oregonian reports, the O's Opinion Editor Robert Caldwell went into cardiac arrest (shortly before his death) after a romp at a 23-year-old Portland Community College student's apartment. Caldwell was allegedly buying school supplies for the woman in exchange for sex. Heyo!

Southern Comfort: Alabama and Mississippi are at plate for the GOP primary elections. Looks like R-Money of the North doesn't have much of a chance. The battle to be the most conservative, evangelist-lovin' candidate is on.

Powerful Pause: Egypt somehow mediates a truce on the 3-year-long battle between Israel and Gaza strip militants. Both sides are unsure this cease fire will last.

Whoops: British police have arrested Rebekah Brooks — former editor of the tabloid News of the World and Murdoch pal — (again) under unknown premises. I'm guessing it's probably that little hacking problem.

Homeless Hotspots: The SXSW experiment of hooking up homeless people with 4G WiFi devices sparks debate, along with a hefty income for seemingly content homeless folks.

Visibility: Invisible Children responds to the flack they're received since their KONY 2012 campaign went viral: "It's connected to a really deep, thoughtful, very intentional and strategic campaign."

This Could be Yours!:
Buford, Wyoming, population 1, is going up for auction next month. Go wild.

Now, for some adorable grandparents experimenting with Photo Booth: