The clock is ticking! Applications for designers interested in showing in this year's eighth annual (OMFG) Mercury Spring fashion show are due by 5 pm *this Friday*. The show is taking place on Saturday, May 12 at the gorgeous Sandbox Studio, a nice, bright, fresh venue for us. This is one of the largest and most well-attended independent fashion showcases in the Pacific Northwest, and we love nothing more than to debut little-known, fresh talent, so Portland-area apparel and accessory designers interested in participating should send us an introductory statement about you and your designs, including your background, materials, objectives, inspirations—anything that will help paint a better picture of your point of view. Additionally, please send us photographs of at least three completed pieces (the more the merrier). Supplementary materials like sketches, process photos, swatches, etc. are welcome, but *please do not send anything you need returned to you*.

We call the show "Open Season" to reflect our inclusiveness of a variety of business models and design seasons. We are interested in providing a snapshot of the best in current Portland design, and less so in uniformity of production schedules. We also love to showcase pattern and textile designers, but non-apparel designers should be prepared to present their work in complete, full-body looks that can stand alone on the runway (get creative, and feel free to think outside of the traditional apparel box).

Ms. Wood at 2011s Open Season show.
  • Minh Tran
  • Ms. Wood at 2011's Open Season show.