Soon they’ll be headed to the London Olympics; in the meantime, the NWDP performed The Best of Now this past Friday and Saturday. It was three world premieres: one piece by their artistic director, Sarah Slipper, and two others by Patrick Delcroix and Wen Wei Wang.

Never ones to disappoint, all the works were striking this weekend—both poignant and playful. The first piece, called Conjugations and choreographed by Chinese-born Wen Wei Wang, was totally exuberant, and colloquial (if you can call a dance "colloquial"), referencing the way dance and movement factors into our day-to-day modes of expression. Slipper changed the tone entirely with the next piece, called Airys, which involved some über clever staging—including dirt which sifted from the ceiling, and landed in a neat pile on the stage—with a grave, funeral-infused tone. Last on deck was the piece Chameleon, choreographed by Patrick Delcroix, which had a stripped-down set, and featured the flinging of paint, and confusion of dancers.

The NWDP’s promotional efforts are often as impressive as their performances themselves. Check out this epic video montage, directed by Ralph Davis:

Their next performance is Summer Splendors, happening in June. You'd be wise to get your tickets when you can! This company is only going to get better.