One of the best nights of comedy I've ever experienced in Portland was Maria Bamford's show at Helium last summer—not only was Bamford predictably brilliant, but host Gabe Dinger reminded me why he's one of the best in town, and featured comic Jackie Kashian won me over forever with her unapologetically dorky, smart-lady comedy. (Cat jokes and Handmaid's Tale references! Obviously I love her.) I couldn't be more excited to see Kashian again tonight; she'll be at Helium through Saturday.

And in local comedy, tonight the Weekly Recurring Humor Night celebrates its one-year anniversary (and the birthday of host Whitney Streed) with Ron Funches, Shane Torres, Jimmy Newstetter, Christian Ricketts, Phil Schallberger, Jessie McCoy, Jen Allen, hosted by Whitney Streed. That's about as good as local comedy lineups get—Ricketts' impression of his dad doing impressions is one of my favorite bits, and I've been particularly enjoying Jessie McCoy lately. Funny lady. That's at the Tonic at 9:30 pm, more info here.