Slangy sportin an alien beanie on her jive-talkin noggin.
  • Slangy sportin' an alien beanie on her jive-talkin' noggin.

Continuing my Blogtown series, where I peruse my favorite book in the world, the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, Volume I, A-G by J.E. Lighter.

This week's slang is brought to you by the letter "E."

take it in the ear Especially [used by] students. to be severely victimized or defeated. [I always thought this meant ear fucking. Huh... the more you know.—Eds.]
1970: "I said, 'Why don't you take it in the left ear, Lieutenant?'"
1975: "And if you still take it in the ear at exam time, don't blame Uncle Sam."

eight-ball v. 1. USMC. to transfer (a Marine) for being a misfit or troublemaker.
1945: "Any officer who fails to give his men the proper training is a no-good eight-ball.... I'll eight-ball that no-good lazy guy back to the States.
2. to thwart or ruin, esp. by cheating or trickery. [Perhaps the original sense.]
1976 Kojak: "We been eightballed, baby!"

enchilada n. the penis.
1978: "Look at that big black enchilada on that [donkey]."